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Sometimes, dark things slither through the soft soil, lay claim to life, and refuse to die a quiet death. Wouldn’t you like to read about it?

L. Jordan James


About Me

L. Jordan James (1964- ) was born in Florence, Alabama but grew up kicking around Brooklyn, NY. He is a veteran and has worked as a corrections officer for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He works for the Veterans Administration and currently kicks around Manhattan.


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Of nightmares, Witches, and Monsters

Thirteen dark tales. Fiction, Science Fiction, and Horror. Time travel, vampires, monsters, aliens, androids and even Nazis.

The Devil’s Oven

An amnesiac convict versus a demon from Hell. The Devil’s Oven is another name for Pawtuck Penitentiary. It’s where Jonah is sentenced for the rest of his life. But Pawtuck is more than a penitentiary. It’s where a battle between good and evil has been drawn. Will Jonah take up the mantle and fight Petrocelli or will he join him and take over the world?

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